About the Film

CARVING UP OCONEE:  A RURAL COUNTY FIGHTS FOR ITS FUTURE shows how average citizens can join together and effectively combat the development forces that threaten to change their lives and the landscape they love.

The film focuses on two communities in rural Oconee County, Georgia – one hour away from fast-growing Atlanta.  It allows viewers to witness how it feels for people to have the peaceful beauty of their farmland surroundings suddenly threatened by real estate developers and big-city interests with deep pockets and political influence.  And then it follows how local citizens take steps to engage their neighbors and devise strategies that will take their cause from kitchen table to county commission and achieve a real difference in public policy.  One talented young woman, Police Detective Courtney Gale, provides the link between the two communities as she carries with her a firm commitment to activism when she relocates from one locale to the other.